General Information & Policies


Order Cancellation Policy
Order cancellations must be received in writing and acknowledged by one of our customer service department reps. Verbal cancellations cannot be honored. Depending on how far along an order is, with regards to production, a cancellation fee may apply. Orders cancelled after a job has been produced will result in the customer being responsible for the entire cost of the job (including shipping if the order is cancelled after it has been shipped). 


Artwork Requirements
Admatch requests and recommends that all artwork be in vector format (compatible with Adobe Illustrator), with all fonts and images converted to outlines. Acceptable file formats are .ai, .eps., and .pdf. In certain circumstances (such as with short-run matches), a high-resolution 300 DPI .jpg file may be acceptable for printing. Admatch recommends that all artwork be submitted ahead of time for evaluation before an order is received. This is especially important for Flexographic orders, where printing plate charges can vary greatly depending on the complexity of the artwork. If artwork changes after a quote has been given for a job, the previously discussed pricing may be void or not applicable. 


Proof Approvals
Once a proof has been approved, an order is considered ready and available for production, barring any outstanding billing or account issues. A proof approval means that any and every element shown on the proof is considered accurate and to be included on the printing job by the client. Do not assume anything. If it is not there, not shown, not mentioned, or not explicitly explained on the proof in writing, you must not approve that proof. It is imperative that the customer asks and makes certain that all desired elements of their art and design are present, shown clearly, and accurate. Once the proof is approved,  the job will print exactly as shown on that proof. Please ask your customer service rep to explain what the proof does include and what the proof does not include if you have any concerns whatsoever. Again, assumptions lead to disappointments. Best to make sure of it. 


Rush Requests
Admatch does have a rush program for most items. However, all rush requests must be checked and cleared beforehand to ensure we can fit your rush job within our production schedule. Please contact customer service before you send your PO to check whether your rush request can be honored. At certain times throughout the year, namely, but not limited to, holidays and office closures, rush service for any and all items may be suspended without prior notice due to the volume of requests received. In all circumstances, it is best to contact Admatch with both your in-hands date and rush inquiry to confirm we can deliver your job on time. 


Production Times
Our product line has varying production times, depending on the item. Please make sure you are fully aware of the production time before ordering. Production times always begin after a proof is approved. If there is a delay in a proof approval, it will push delivery time further into the calendar. For all items, production times are estimated. It is recommended that customers pad expected ship dates and in-hand dates, especially with imported items arriving by ocean container. Admatch does all it can to ensure timely and accurate delivery times, but there are variables such as customs inspections, weather, shipping carrier delays, and other circumstances that can arise and possibly delay your delivery. Any and all ship dates sent to customers are always considered a ballpark estimate and can flucuate. 


Change Requests and Adjustments To Orders Already Received
Changes to orders such as shipping address adjustments, new artwork, additional printing options, packing changes, carton labeling requests, etc must be received in writing and acknowledged by one of our customer service reps. We are happy to adjust your order and update important information, but verbal requests for changes cannot be promised or honored. In addition, please ensure all change requests are sent immediately, as some orders can ship ahead of schedule without prior notice. Once an order is prepped for shipping or has actually shipped, a change request cannot be guaranteed. 


Quoting & Pricing
Written quotes are guaranteed for 30 calendar days from when they are sent from Admatch to a customer. Pricing is subject to change without prior notice. Verbal quotes are treated on a case-by-case basis, but can be difficult to honor if there is a discrepancy. Please have your quote in writing and dated from one of our customer service reps to ensure the pricing can and will be honored at the time of your order. If you notice a mistake, typo, or possble error in pricing on our website, please let us know as soon as possible. 


Errors, Mistakes, and Problems With A Job Received
Admatch does its very best to avoid any and all errors, but everyone in business knows how things can go sometimes. If there is a problem with your order, bring it to Admatch's attention as soon as possible so we can resolve it quickly and easily. We honor Admatch errors, problems, and mistakes brought to our attention within 2-weeks of a customer receiving a shipment. Admatch cannot guarantee the resolution of a problem past 2-weeks from receiving it. If there is an issue with your order, please let us know in a timely manner.