Frequently Asked Questions



What is the difference between “Import-JP” matches and “Import-IN” matches?
Our Import-JP matches are produced within 8-9 weeks after proof approval from Japan and offer a minimum of 2,500 Qty. They can be printed with many, but not all of our printing options. In contrast, our Import-IN matches from India have the lowest cost and they offer every printing option we have available, including foil hotstamping, special finishes, colored sticks, and more. They are produced within 12-14 weeks, generally, and have a higher minimum of 5,000 Qty. 

Do you offer domestic-made matches?
Yes. We have custom domestic matches, produced in 3-4 weeks, which have item numbers ending in a “QS.” Minimum quantities start at 5,000. We also have a short-run digital full-color line of box matches that can be produced within 6-7 business days and have minimum quantities that start at 200.

What does “Flexographic” mean?
Flexographic, or “flexo” for short, is our line of high-definition full color napkins, cups, paper food cups, and paper plates. They offer the ability to print extremely detailed artwork. Flexo items also offer full bleed flood printing so the entire item is covered with the artwork. In general, flexo items do have high minimums (around 50,000 Qty) and can require more expensive plate charges that vary in cost. However, if you’re looking for the “crème-de la-crème” of paper printing, flexo is the way to go!

What are your artwork specifications and/or requirements?
Below is our general artwork guideline. This list oif requirements applies to most orders, but we still recommend sending us your art files for an evaluation so that we can be sure that the art will work well for your item and/or printing requests.

General Art Specs:
-Vector artwork with all fonts converted to outlines
-PMS colors clearly noted in the artwork or CMYK format noted (whichever applies to your job)
-All images embedded in the artwork file
-File types accepted: .ai, .eps, .pdf
-Compatible with Adobe Illustrator (Mac)

What is your over/under run policy?

Admatch does its very best to produce exact quantities ordered. However, depending on the order, item/style, and quantity, this is not always easy to control. In general, we have a  +/- 10% over/under run policy. We bill for the quantity shipped. Unfortunately, we cannot accommodate requests on purchase orders asking for "no over/unders." 

Do you offer virtual proofs or mock-ups?
Yes. Our art department would be happy to create 1 mock-up proof or virtual proof at no charge. Additional requests, changes, or multiple virtual proofs that require considerable time after the first would be billed at a rate of $65.00/hour. As an alternative option, we also have a virtual proof builder right on our website that allows any user to create their own virtual proof by uploading their artwork and following the steps of the online module--- this is completely free and available to all.

Why is there no direct contact information on your website?
Admatch Regal does not sell directly to end-user clients or businesses. We are an ASI, SAGE, and Distributor Central supplier who sells through thousands of distributors in all 50 States and Canada. If you are an end-user and are looking to order, we would be happy to direct you to a distributor(s) in your region who can help place your order with us.

Do you offer special packing?
In general, yes we can accommodate special packing requests on most orders (there is usually an extra fee for this). However, we must receive the packing specs you require in advance so we can price out the additional packing costs and ensure the request can be fulfilled. Orders without special packing will be packed using our standard packaging specs, which vary per item. Please note that our standard packing specs can change without prior notice depending on carton-size availability and quantities being ordered. Last minute special packing requests may not be able to be accomodated. 

Can Admatch rush an order or make a specific in-hands date?
In general, yes, we have a rush program for most items, but not all items. Each item tends to have its own rush policy as some products are easier to rush in than others. We must have your in-hands date in writing and confirmed before we can take on a rush order. An extra rush fee will often apply. Please do not assume any and all rush requests can be honored without checking with a customer service rep first and receiving a written confirmation from Admatch that your rush request can be taken on. Sending in a PO as a rush without prior written approval may result in a rejection of that order. Admatch is not responsible for missed in-hands dates on rush orders that have not been confirmed prior to submitting the purchase order or if an order is submitted later than a stated discussed deadline.